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Metrosoft Quartis R12

Dátum: 28.03.2016

Metrosoft QUARTIS R12 prichádza so širokou paletou vylepšení pre všetkých používateľov a výrazne prispieva k optimalizácii každodennej práce metrológa.

Metrosoft QUARTIS R12 offers significant improvements for users that measure sheet metal and plastic parts. Points can be distributed curvature based on intersection curves, CAD curves or CAD boundaries. Furthermore, points can be automatically distributed with a defined offset to CAD curves or CAD boundaries and then be measured. Finally, the material thickness compensation is available for special application cases involving points, planes and circles.

Metrosoft QUARTIS R12 offers decisive advantages for users that measure curves. Plane curves are correctly measured due to the 3D probe radius correction even on inclined work piece surfaces. Several optimizations for the measurement, construction and evaluation of curves sum up the functionality and allow new application cases.

Metrosoft QUARTIS R12 offers new and improved functions for the evaluation if inspection features. Distance features are easily evaluated using the ribbon. Line and surface profile features have been revised, simplified and adapted to new standards. The circularity can be evaluated using a limited evaluation range. The automatic use of Chebyshev compensation ensures the standardized evaluation of circularity and cylindricity. Finally, the perpendicularity of a plane in relation to a cylinder can now be evaluated with consideration of the form deviation.

Metrosoft QUARTIS R12 offers higher accuracy and time savings during the calibration for users that use scanning probe systems. The pre- and post-scan distance can be ignored during scanning.

Metrosoft QUARTIS R12 offers offline programmers the possibility to calibrate additionally needed angle positions in offline mode.

Metrosoft QUARTIS R12 offers decisive advantages for user within the automotive industry when handling CAD models. For example, CAD origins can be relocated and individual models of an assembly group can be loaded easily and fast or also be removed from the memory.

Metrosoft QUARTIS R12 offers, besides the updated CAD interfaces, many additional improvements and extensions.