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Metrosoft Quartis R13

Dátum: 06.03.2016

Metrosoft QUARTIS R13 offers a wide range of improvements for all users and significantly contributes to optimize daily metrology work. 

Metrosoft QUARTIS R13 offers users that measure sheet and plastic parts decisive advantages when displaying the results on graphical measurement reports. Surface and curve deviations can be evaluated statistically. The resulting trend and histograms can be displayed together with the statistical parameter within the corresponding labels. Metrosoft QUARTIS R13 offers an advantageous and unified operation for the evaluation of further standardized inspection features. Results are already displayed in the graphics via the live preview during the evaluation. Metrosoft QUARTIS R13 exports results of multiple measurements into a clearly arranged table. Feature and statistical data can easily be exported into an Excel spreadsheet. Thus a further universal applicable and configurable data interface is available.