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Metrosoft QUARTIS mení názov na WM | Quartis

Dátum: 11.12.2017

Z Metrosoftu QUARTIS R17 sa stáva WM | Quartis R2018-1. Uvoľnenie WM | Quartis R2018-1 je naplánovaný na február 2018.

11.12.17 - Wenzel’s Metrosoft QUARTIS, the successful, globally-used measuring software gets a new name. The 64-bit version becomes standard.

WM Quartis Logo DWi 512x

WENZEL will bring together all software products developed in different locations and for different applications and will coordinate existing expertise to create synergy gains. WENZEL's aim is to advance the digital transformation and to expand the role of its measurement solutions in networked production in order to make the smart factory in the age of industry 4.0 a reality.

The first step will mean that all WENZEL Group software products will receive a new appearance using uniform logos and ‘look and feel’, to enhance speed and ease of use. In subsequent releases the complete software operation and navigation will be unified, based on a uniform style guide. Along with the standardization of the product names, the version names will also change. In addition, the 64-bit version now becomes the new standard. Metrosoft QUARTIS R17 (64-bit) becomes WM | Quartis R2018-1. The 32-bit version becomes WM | Quartis 2018-1 (32-bit).

The release WM | Quartis R2018-1 is scheduled for February 2018. The second release WM | Quartis R2018-2 is scheduled for August 2018. Of course, existing software maintenance contracts for Metrosoft QUARTIS are valid for WM | Quartis.